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What can you sell?

Wanna turn your creations into cash? Filegrant's got you covered. Artists, educators, musicians, techies - sell anything! Comics, art, ebooks, courses, Canva templates, widgets, photo books, podcasts, even school notes!

Monetize your skills, pro or beginner. Filegrant opens a new world - ditch the freebies, stack cash! Let's go!

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Turn your Book Knowledge into gold!

Your latest book review, creative writing tutorial, or insightful literary guide is ready to shine. It's time to turn your insights into income. If it resonates with your readers, Filegrant's your platform to profit from it.
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Earn from Your Study Grind! 

Transform your study time into cash! With Filegrant, easily sell your lecture notes or homework solutions.  Download, upload, set your price, and start earning! No more giving it all away for free!



Sell your digital masterpieces.

With Filegrant, turn your creations—be it digital art, comics,  detailed illustrations, or captivating videos—into your next success story.



Photographers, it's time to level up

You've captured that perfect shot, the light, the composition, it's all on point. Now it's time to turn that click into currency. Secure, share & sell it with Filegrant!



Turn your Dog into a Superstar!

Who says everything has to be serious? With Filegrant, even your furry friend can shine! So, what are you waiting for? Filegrant makes your doggo famous AND helps you earn some treats!


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Cash in on your hobbies and passions!

Are you a teen creating YouTube videos about your passions like movies, sports, or gaming tutorials? Sell them with Filegrant and turn your hobby into cash!



The blazing Free App

Unleash your creativity with Filegrant on your phone. Capture, safeguard and monetize your moments – all in an instant!